Sponsor Levels

Open World Toronto Film Festival

The OWTFF is a great opportunity to maximize your brand exposure to a wide range of potential customers. Our dynamic audience included filmmakers, producers, distributors, movie lovers, actor/actress, film industry professionals and so much more. By supporting the OWTFF we will make sure that your message reaches those who really matter.

The OWTFF 4th Edition is 4 days filled with opportunities to grow a positive business image but it doesn’t stop there as we are also an online festival which gives you, our supporter, much more value to your marketing dollar. At the Open Word Toronto Film Festival, we understands that the world is changing and that building an online presence is imperative to keep a business in a growing state. That is why we are constantly working on our local and worldwide community trough our carefully crafted online marketing strategy.

Although we did our best to cover most of your potential needs in our sponsorship levels, we are also open to offers; prizes for the winners, accommodation, travel, food and such. Let’s work together to create an agreement that is mutually beneficial and that can help you reach your ultimate goals.

The recognition/visibility you will gain by supporting the Open World Toronto Film Festival goes way beyond the initial monetary investment and we will work nights and days to expose your brand in the most meaningful ways.

We hope that you will grab this great opportunity by contacting us now.