Short Winner 2015

Sunday Punch


Anna (Jessica Greco) and Jason’s (Ennis Esmer) morning is off to rough start – their casual discussion about daughter Elisha (Brooklyn Lax) flares into a full-blown argument. Jason accuses Anna of trying to control him, while Anna shoots back that he should be more concerned with finding a job. Welcome to Domestic Fight TV, where degrading references receive a penalty of two minutes from the referee, and the distant replay drudges up past events previously believed forgotten. With Rod Black as the sportscaster and actor Art Hindle as the colour commentator drawing on his own relationship experience, the low blows fly, and the fighters seem determined to land the knock-out punch. The spectators cheer them on, hoping for one of them to crumple. But what does the champion ultimately win?

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  • Runtime:

    8 minutes 49 seconds

  • Completion Date:

    August 1, 2013

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Alan Powell Across the Hall


Alan Powell


Matt Code (CBC – Best Laid Plans)

Key Cast

Ennis Esmer The Listener, Sex After KIds
Jessica Greco The Animal Project
Art Hindle Black Christmas, The Brood, ENG
Rod Black TSN, Canada AM


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