REEL WOMEN SEEN tells the story of the realities faced by women in the film and TV industry yet simultaneously depicts the necessary, possible and achievable ways to transform them. Set in common TV backdrops – from police procedural to sitcom, to medical drama, to BTS webisode series. One continuous narrative unfolds through a series of brief parodies, ending with resolve for change. The project features an ensemble cast of women as widely diverse as imaginable.

  • Film Type:
    Short / New Media

  • Genres:
    Comedy, Sitcom, Satire

  • Runtime:
    7 minutes 48 seconds

  • Country of Origin:

  • Country of Filming:

  • Film Language:

  • Aspect Ratio:

  • Film Color:

  • Director:
    Amanda Tapping

  • Writer:
    Elvira Kurt

  • Producer & Executive Producer:
    Heather Allin

  • Associate Producer:
    Catherine Lough Haggquist; Cary Lawrence; Farah Merani; Freya Ravensbergen; Jodi Sadowsky; Christine Willes; and Daintry Dalton (for ACTRA).

  • Production Designer:
    Diana Magnus

  • Director of Photography:
    Kim Derko

  • Original Score:
    Janal Bechthold

  • Key Cast:
    Saara Chaudry (“Young Daugther “)

  • Key Cast:
    Rosemary Dunsmore (“Grandma”)

  • Key Cast:
    Amanda Joy (“Amanda”)

  • Key Cast:
    Jajube Mandiela (“Actress”)

  • Key Cast:
    Krystal Hope Nausbaum (“Teen Daughter”)

  • Key Cast:
    Jennifer Podemski (“Mom”)

  • Key Cast:
    alerie Sing Turner (“Victim/Patient”)

  • Key Cast:
    Veena Sood (“Nurse”)

  • Key Cast:
    Gabrielle Rose (“Dr. Old”)

  • Key Cast:
    Carmen Moore (“Kennaway”)

  • Key Cast:
    Kristin Lehman (“Fisher”)

  • Key Cast:
    Jodelle Ferland (“Dr. Young”)

  • Key Cast:
    Rukiya Bernard (“Dr. Minority”)

  • Key Cast:
    Samantha Wan (“Samantha”)

  • Key Cast:
    Ellen David (“1st Assistant Director”)

  • Key Cast:
    Tommie Amber Pirie (“Director of Photography”)

  • Key Cast:
    Karen Robinson (“Screenwriter”)

  • Key Cast:
    Cary Lawrence (“Director”)